A celebration of the genius of Frank Gehry, the vision of Peter Lewis, and the transformative impact their work has brought to North East Ohio by building the ultimate portal for awareness of the unique value of industrial innovation.

Welcome to the Peter B. Lewis Building, designed by Frank Gehry

The Peter B. Lewis Building, home of the School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, was designed by the world famous architect, Frank Gehry.

This structure, which is a powerful, compact sculpture as well as a functioning building, is perhaps this visionary architect’s most succinct and dramatic creation. The waterfall of stainless steel plates that compose the roof, can be seen as representing the onslaught of new business needs in our rapidly-changing global economy. The brick walls, symbolic of traditional ways of conducting business, do not collapse under the impact of these waves, but respond and adapt in graceful curves. The extraordinary manipulation of iron, brick, glass, wood and drywall, evident in the construction of both the inside and the outside of this building, is testimony to the skill, innovation, and imagination of those companies and individuals who worked together in transforming Frank Gehry’s state-of-the-art design into reality.

Benefactor, Peter Lewis’s aim – to provide a physical space that would embody the goals of the teaching of new, and updated, management skills, and the encouragement of 21st century entrepreneurialism, has certainly been realized in this remarkable building.

This web site was the brainchild of Norm Roulet. His inspiration and his efforts in contributing to the site have been very much appreciated. Sarah Taylor.

The photographs of the exterior and interior of the building were taken by Amin Varghai.